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Lab Training History

Doctoral Dissertations Supervised

· Amber Alhadeff

"The Lateral Parabrachial Nucleus is a Site of Action for Neuroendocrine Signaling Effects on Food Intake" 2015.

Post-doctoral fellow (Biology) The University of Pennsylvania 


· Karolina Skibicka

"Energy Balance Effects of Central Melanocortin, Cocaine and Amphetamine Related Transcript and Leptin: Moving outside of the Hypothalamic Box," 2009.

Research Associate Professor (Physiology/Endocrinology) The Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.


·Lucy Faulconbridge 

“Distributed Systems Mediate the Hyperphagic Response to Ghrelin", 2006.

Research Assistant Professor (Psychiatry), University of Pennsylvania.


·Diana Williams 

“Brainstem Melanocortin Receptor Contributions to Energy Balance,” 2003.

Associate Professor (Psychology), Florida State University.


·John-Paul Baird

 “Relationships between Ingestive Microstructure and Meal Size,” 1997.

Professor (Psychology), Amherst College, Department of Psychology.


·Randy Seeley

"Satiation and Satiety in the Intraoral Intake Test," 1993.

Professor (Surgery), University of Michigan School of Medicine.


·Paul Breslin

"The Roles of Gustatory and Internal State Variables on Sodium Chloride Ingestion in the Rat," 1991.

Professor (Nutrition), Rutgers University, N.J.


·Gary Schwartz

"The Contribution of Lingual Gustatory Afferent Input to Appetitive and Consummatory Ingestive Behavior in the Rat," 1986.

Professor (Neuroscience), Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY.


·Kent Berridge

"Palatability Processing and Production Rules in the Ingestive Fixed Action Patterns of Rats," 1983.

Professor (Psychology), University of Michigan.

Postdoctoral Fellows Supervised

·Zhi Yi Ong

Australian Research Council Career Discovery Early Research Fellow, University of New South Wales 


·Scott Kanoski

Assistant Professor (Biology), University of Southern California.


·Matthew Hayes

Associate Professor (Psychiatry), University of Pennsylvania.


·Stacy Markison

Scientist, Senomyx, San Diego, CA.


·Joel Kaplan



·Alan Spector

Professor (Psychology), Florida State University.


·Bill Flynn,

Professor (Physiology), University of Wyoming.


Technicians and Undergraduates  Supervised That Pursued their Acedemic Careers

·Samantha Fortin

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania


·Jenny Gilbert

Ph.D. Program in Nutrition, University of North Carolina 


·Theresa Leichner

Ph.D. program (Immunology), University of Pennsylvania.


·Lisa Maeng

Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School


·Kate Nautiyal

Assistant Professor, Dartmouth University.


·Amanda Sadacca

Ph.D. program (Neuroscience), Harvard University.

·Jill Carmody

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mass General Hospital.


·Abby Ginsberg

 Pharmaceutical Industry.


·Jamie Roitman

Associate Professor (Psychology), University of Illinois at Chicago.


·Mitch Roitman

Associate Professor (Psychology), University of Illinois at Chicago


·Lisa Son

Associate Professor (Psychology), Barnard College.


· Kyle Franz

Professor (Biology), Georgia State University


· Michael Nitabach

Professor (Cellular and Molecular Physiology), Yale University.


· Greg Acevedo

Associate Professor (Social Work), Fordham University.


·Celeste Wirsig

Associate Professor (Cell Biology), University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

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